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"These are the ten new states."

Translation:Acestea sunt cele zece state noi.

October 26, 2017



Is cele a must here?


Yes, because:

  • These are ten new states. = Acestea sunt zece state noi.
  • These are the ten new states. = Acestea sunt cele zece state noi.


When should I use "de"? Why don't we say zece de state in this sentence?


You must NOT use "de" for: 0-19, 101-119, 201-219, 301-319, . . . , and so on.
You should use "de" for: 20-100, 120-200, 220-300, . . . , and so on.

Oh, and BTW, when you write the number as a numeral (using digits instead of words), you can omit the "de". But only in writing! When you read it aloud, you say the "de" according to the rules I mentioned.


Si de ce varianta " Acestea sunt cele zece noi state " nu e corectă???


Is cele a must here?


I'm wondering why "paianjenii cele mici" was "the little spiders", but "the ten new states" can't be "zece state cele noi."


Because introducing a numeral in such a phrase will alter the word order. You seem to like spiders, so here's some examples with spiders:

  • the little spiders = păianjenii (cei) mici
  • the ten little spiders = cei zece păianjeni mici


Since it was "un stat," I expected it to be "cei," not "cele." What's at play here?


The noun "stat" is neuter, that is "un stat, două state". Neuter nouns act like masculine in singular form and like feminine in plural form.


Is "acestea sunt zece statele noi" correct! ?

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