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Korean Verbs Lesson 2

Why is it always "the boy goes" and "the man walks" when they are both 걷다?

Shouldn't "goes" and "walk" be interchangeable? Since the meaning of 걷다 doesn't change? Or is Duolingo trying to reinforce that 걷다 is "goes" for "the boy", and "walk" for "the man"?

October 26, 2017

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Not sure what you mean. I think you may be getting the words for "to go" and "to walk" mixed up.

To go : 가다 - Present=가/가요/갑니다, Past=갔어/갔어요/갔습니다, Future=갈 거야/갈 거예요/갈 겁니다

To walk : 걷다 - Present=걸어/걸어요/걷습니다, Past=걸었어/걸었어요/걸었습니다, Future=걸을 거야/걸을 거예요/걸을 겁니다

The boy goes : 남아이가 갑니다 / The man goes : 남자가 갑니다

The boy walks : 남아이가 걷습니다 / The man goes : 남자가 걷습니다

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