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  5. "비누는 왜 먹고 있니?"

"비누는 먹고 있니?"

Translation:Why are you eating soap?

October 26, 2017



Notice that the topic marker 는 is being used, and not the object marker 를. This is one of those sentences where the topic is NOT the subject of the sentence (so it's not "Why is the soap eating [something]?"). To translate literally, this sentence could be something like: "About the soap .... why are you eating it?"


Great call-out, thank you


Because it has a fruit flavour u know)))))))))))

[deactivated user]

    I've noticed a lot of frustrating problems in this course with "a" versus "the" in the English answers that are expected. Both are correct translations of the Korean in most cases, but lots of the questions only seem to accept one or the other (such as this one being marked as wrong when you translate it with "the soap" at the end), and there's no way to know which one is expected without failing the question first. The English for Korean speakers course consistently expects 그 in front of nouns that have "the" in English, and while I'd disagree that this is always necessarily implied by the English, it's at least consistent and predictable. Can we perhaps get a similar level of consistency with articles employed here? Or failing that, both "the" and "a" added as valid answers on a consistent basis?


    You're late to the party! The creators of the course are still in the process of working on it, so you need to flag everything you're sure is a problem to alert them, otherwise nothing will improve quickly enough.


    Even if this were a beta curriculum, the Korean course on Duolingo is simpky one of the lowest qualities I've seen. We shouldn't need to flag the wrong stuff for the creators to get to this still-below-average course. Duolingo needs to hire real teachers with experiences. The users need to flag bugs, not the course itself.


    bruh you okay? Im concerned this guy was so afraid of 코로나 that he ate soap to sanitize his whole body


    Bad case of pica.


    I had to come here to see how other users reacted to this weird example.


    나 도요. It made my day


    가람씨이이이! 다시는 안돼애애애애!!


    Why is it using 있니?


    They are trying to teach us all kind of levels

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