Bug in the iPad app

Sometimes the app reports a typo in my answer (in Italian). It shows a quote from the sentence with a word underlined. This word is EXACTLY the same as the word in my answer.

Either both are correct, in which case there was actually no typo there; or both are incorrect, in which case I am not being shown the corrected version as I should be.

I have seen this enough times over the last few weeks to be sure of my facts.

There is no Report button in the app - hence my report here. One would be good!

[edit] See also report " Ios troubles" below.

April 5, 2014


I've seen the same on my iphone

April 5, 2014

i had the same typo issue with italian on my iphone: my answer was Niete e facile (with accent over "e") and the correction had Niete plus a space underlined, and "acile" underlined as the error.

Also had issues in audio, where it would say only the 1st 2 words, but the correct answer had a complete sentence with many more than 2 words.

April 6, 2014

The same error in the duolingo app dutch version version with Spanish (in English) with ipad ios7.1, so it seems a bug allright.

April 6, 2014

Same for me in French. Also iPad 7.1. It seems only to happen with words that I misspell. However the correction is missing.

April 8, 2014
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