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  5. "Co hledáte v tom bytě?"

"Co hledáte v tom bytě?"

Translation:What are you looking for in that apartment?

October 26, 2017



My translation of “seeking” was rejected, but “looking for” and “seeking” are interchangeable


i feel it should be :what are you looking for in THIS apartment? otherwise, it will be "co hledáte v tamtom bytě"


For an emphatic "that" you can use tamten/tamta/tato or tamhleten/tamhlleta/tamhleto.

For "this" you can use tenhle/tahle/tohle or (more formally, in writing) tento/tato/toto.

However, in this course ten/ta/to is never "this". It is less definite than tamten or tamhleten, etc, but it is translated as "that" or often as "the".

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