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Czech level at the end of the tree

Hello, is there any equivalence with an official language level like A1 or A2 if we finish the tree? Just for information to know how hard is Czech because I'm struggling already and my goal is A2.

Sorry if the question has already been asked.

October 26, 2017


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It will probably be like with all other languages. After finishing the tree some people would barely pass A1 and others could pass B1 (since they did a lot of other work too). If you use only Duolingo, then level A1 or at most A2 is probably what you're aming for. It also depends on how many repetitions you do, since it's not only about "going through the tree" but also about actually remembering the material and being able to recall it, understand it and use it. So there is no general answer to this.


Yes, sure! Using Duolingo with a book with a better structure & explanations (even if it's great here :D) is a good combination probably. And of course, I keep everything golden, it tilts me hard when it's not haha. My personal plan is to go through the tree as I think it covers all basic things for A2 at least, and then study them more seriously through a book, and it will be way easier as everything has been seen at least once. Thanks!


Good answer. The level will also be uneven with respect to comprehension vs production because of the imbalance in the L1 <>L2 exercise directions. The course of English for Czech speakers taken after this one may help fix that a bit.


Thanks for the recommendation! Just started the English for Czech speakers course. :)

... And now I know why some native English speakers have the learning English badge; I always wondered about that.


Yeah, depends on how you use it. I would guess A2, maaaybe B1 if someone pushes themselves to study the recommended course notes and do some additional vocab work outside of the tree.


There are 3,000 words in the Czech tree I think. That's B1 but nearly B2 which is 4,000 words. :)


Nearly B2 is probably a wet dream... :D


Sort-of-Off-topic question: If there is anyone here who has finished the Czech tree, can they please tell me what the last skill teaches?


Plus I want to discover it by myself !


I am afraid someone will post the info for you to see before you get that far yourself. As a mod here, I could keep deleting the reveals for users desiring the surprise, but that would probably violate the guidelines. Too bad. The skill was quite a motivation for me to complete the tree. It was that much fun to make.


I was initially tempted to answer but thought better of it. Good explanation! Yes, making it there to solve the mystery did provide a bit of motivation. :)


I mean, I don't want to spoil it for anybody, but "What the !?!" normally means "what the ❤❤❤❤."

So, it's probably cursing in Czech.

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