"Tahle děvčata jsou mé sestřenice."

Translation:These girls are my cousins.

October 26, 2017

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I think “Tahle děvčata jsou moje sestřenice .” Is It correct?


It is indeed. Both forms are interchangeable here. 'Mé' is more formal.


Is sestřenicka only for a female cousin? If you had girl and boy cousins in a group would you pick genders? "brantranci"


sestřenice is female, bratranec is male

for a mixed-gender group we would just say bratranci a sestřenice

There are other eords available, but mostly completely archaic.


hi VladaFu, A personal question. Is it absolutely necessary to use the ...hle vesion of the demos in the Czech Republic. I maean , If I stick to the other vesion eiht the te/ta /to endings.. would that be ok? Thanks for your support.


You'd be fine. But keep in mind that '-hle' forms are more colloquial, so you'll definitely encounter them.


thanks, I am really trying to learn to be able to make sentences out of my head and I find it confusing to have to learan bothe forms. so I though i would concnetrate on the .. to ta te endings and just kind of ignore the others. I notice also that the very simple endings are also possible without ... just ten ta to ty and so on. Am I correct?


For your active vocabulary you can choose a subset, but you should be able to understand the other forms passively.

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