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  5. "내 동생이 방금 태어났어요!"

" 동생이 방금 태어났어요!"

Translation:My younger sibling was just born!

October 26, 2017


[deactivated user]


    I put "was born just now." I flagged it that my answer should be accepted.


    And a year later it is still not accepted.
    I will also flag it.


    It's a fight between past & present ;-) It can be "was born just then". "Was born just now" seems weird


    "just now" is an extremely common phrase; "just then" is what sounds weird to me personally. (maybe a location thing? I mostly grew up in Cali but my parents speak more British English)


    Why would i have to put "younger" sibling? Obviously if im witnessing the birth the baby being born is going to automatically be younger. There's no way any baby born AFTER me is going to be my OLDER sibling.


    But in Korean, they usually use the word '동생'. Not '형제', '자매', '남매'. They are different. '동생' means younger sibling so putting 'younger' is actually right. Of course, in English, what you're saying is right, too.


    Very good point. In fact, form a functional perspective, it more correct to leave 'younger' completely out - no native English speaking child would say 'younger sibling', they would more naturally say 'my/our brother/sister', though it doesn't translate literal that way.


    There's 동생 = younger sibling


    seriously it never said the gender, it is just a sibling and the answer is brother.


    동생이 is gender-neutral, so "younger/little sister," "younger/little brother," and "younger/little sibling" should all be acceptable answers.


    The correct term is "younger sibling". This is what I​ put in and it was correct.


    Younger brother and little brother are the same.


    The most accurate translation is "younger sibling," even though it may sound awkward in English, as we are accustomed to saying "brother" or "sister".

    By the way, Korean kids refer to older friends and cousins as "brothers" or "sisters," so they tend to do the same in English. Korean English teachers probably do not notice or focus on this subtle aspect of Konglish.


    why is not correct: "my younger sibling was born just now" ?


    Report that your answer should also be accepted.


    English is not my first language so I'm not sure if it was my bad or duolingo's. I wrote "My younger sibling just was born", what's wrong with it?


    In English that sounds awkward. It almost sounds like it means "only was born." We say, "was just born." We usually put "just" before the main verb, not before the helping verb. "I just started to write." "He was just starting class when the alarm went off." "Mom had just taken the pie out of the oven."

    I hope this makes sense and helps you!


    Alequeue, your sentence implies the name of one of your younger siblings is Just and he/she was born an indeterminate time in the past (compared to being made in some sort of factory?). My younger sibling was born, just. would imply the sibling was nearly not born. My older sibling was just born would imply you are twins with him/her and he/she has recently paved the way for your next epoch.


    Congratulations! ;-)


    I got as translation, after typing the right text with listening, ' They will be back in 1 hour.' (sic) ?! Must be an were of the app, as everyone else seems to get a correct translation.

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