"The man writes a message with a pencil."

Translation:남자가 연필로 메시지를 씁니다.

October 26, 2017

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Is it possible to switch '연필로' and '메시지를' to say '남자가 메시지를 연필로 씁니다'? Is that still correct? If not, could someone explain why :)


You can switch the places of the words in korean but you have to use the correct particles or your sentence is going to either confusing or just not mean the same thing

Ex: 나는 너를 사랑해 In this sentence it translates to i love you but if you switch their place without changing the marking particles (너는 나를 사랑해) it becomes you love me and if you say 나를 너는 사랑해 it still means you love me but in this case it's not very correct to say or at least not common

Hope this helped :)


I wrote the sentence like that and it accepted it. I think in Korean you can switch most words as long as you have the particles and the verb in the end.


Yeah me too, in the previous question, it says "....를" before the ".....로"but in this question, it changes


What is the difference between 씁니다 and 적씀니다?


Actually 씁니다 used for writing book or newspaper etc , while 적습니다 is used for short note or message etc. Both can be used alternatively while talking about short note or message but 적습니다 can't use for writing book or newspaper etc even poetry or songs as well .... this is what i understood or learnt so far


Can u check some things from my conclusion if u don't mind?

  1. So it depends on the writing?
  2. We can use 쓰다 in general, but we can't use 적어다 for longer writings?


I think that its the content that decides- not the length. 쓰다 is for more creative writing whilst 적다 is used for more of a practical text eg a message or a note. I'm unsure though...


"연필로" vs. "연필으로".

Though ㄹ is a consonant, do you ignore the rule for adding 으 before 로 because they are the same sound?


From the Duolingo tips and notes for this section:

"~으로 손으로 (by hand) After a consonant except ㄹ ~로 영어로 (in English) After a vowel or ㄹ"


Where are the tips and notes on the app? Asking for a friend.


The mobile version doesnt have it only duolingo on laptop so far. In the laptop, you can click the light bulb thing on the right side if each lesson to view the notes ^-^


Ah, I neglected to take a look at the tips and notes. 감사합니다. :)


In this case we ignore the 으 since the word finishes with ㄹ and it's a hassel to say 연필으로


Is it okay to use 씁니다 for to write everytime. Isnt 적습니다 short or small?


I wrote 써요 instead of 씁니다 and it didn't accept it, when previous sentence has the same verb and it accepted


When it is ㄹ in the word we use the 로


Why is it wrong to write 연필과 같이? In the tips section it says you can use it.


if you use gat-i it's like saying "the man write the message together with a pencil". it sounds like the pencil is a companion you had while writing the message


Sorry this is off topic but, this all seems so easy until I come to the comment section then, it all seems like rocket science. Is it just me?


Lol maybe.... Or maybe not ;)


I had 메시를 남자가 연필로 씁니다. This was not accepted, this word order is unacceptable?


It's strange to have the subject come after the object.

Also, 메시 isn't a word. It's 메시지 or 메세지.

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