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Quick Questions - what do you do and don't like about Duolingo.

Two questions for you: 1. What is your favourite thing about Duolingo? 2. How do you think Duolingo could be improved?

October 26, 2017



My favorite thing about duo is the fact that you can learn any language you want FOR FREE and its so much fun!!! Some improvements could be more things for lingots, and a place for users to just chat so we don't junk up the forum and get down voted when we just wanna say hey. :) I wish the bell would tell us when people comment on our stuff again, but I hear that is to be fixed soon. Oh, and maybe some Duolingo stories in some more languages too, but I'm sure that will happen eventually as well.

  1. I like Duolingo because it's free and because it's probably the best programme available for language learning. The forums are great too.
  2. Duolingo could be improved if more things could be done with lingots.


My favorite thing about Duolingo is that it is free and easy and you get to do it on your own schedule. I think Duolingo could be improved by adding more subjects.


My favorite thing: A tie between the forums and the incubator.

My least favorite thing: The health feature.


—I like the lots of language exposure in a direct way.

—I have heard a lot of comments recently talking about the Target language from base language translation ratio, and I was skeptical at first, but the more I have gone back to using duolingo, the more I think a toggle feature makes sense. Furthermore, I think some type of tree wide review would be a good feature to practice more diverse sentences once the tree is done. I have little motivation to keep doing the Portuguese from Spanish tree because it is just the same sentences, and it becomes less about grammar and learning in an active way, but more of just memorization of phrases. I think a diversifying tree wide practice would be good.

I do have solution to the improvement ideas though: laddered and reverse laddered courses. I have been learning French from Portuguese, and I think it is really helpful for improving my Portuguese while developing a primarily recognition, reading based capacity in French. But doing the portuguese course from French, I think starting it I learned a lot more about how french is working. It's interesing how that works, and I all about the reverse laddering

To put that in perspective, here is

››My primary language is English. I speak Spanish.

››I completed the Portuguese Tree from Spanish—Level 1 laddering

››I completed the Spanish Tree from Portuguese— Level 1 reverse tree laddering

››I am level 9 in the French from Portuguese course—Level 2 laddering

››I am level 5 in the Portuguese course from french— Level 2 reverse tree laddering

››(And level 5 in Italian from portuguese) —Level 2 laddering (but I am not sure how far this will go, but I will see)

And I also am level 11 in the French from Spanish tree—Level 1 laddering.

I think it is really interesting way to look at learning languages, know that some people do courses from their second language english, but going beyond that is neat. And it is my solution to a lack of diverse, new sentences and sometimes poor Based language to target language ratio.

  1. I love the keyboard shortcuts in the web app. I tear through lessons so fast. Please DL never, ever remove them! I also like that the review lessons appear to be tailored to my weaknesses.
  2. I don't like the differences between the web app and the Android app. After spending almost 3 months exclusively on the web app I installed the Andoird app and, all of a sudden, I was showered with "achievements" AND new stuff to buy in the lingot store. And unless I've missed it somewhere, I can't create or join a club in the web app? Why the differences?

Overall though, DL is awesome. I hit my three-month streak today because of how engaging it is. Thank you DL!


I like that it is free, but I would like to see more complexity in sentence structure towards the end of the course - although I should note that Duolingo Stories are certainly moving that way, as is translating!

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