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  5. "お花をください。"


Translation:The flowers, please.

October 26, 2017



Is "Flowers, please" a little too informal a translation?


Can I please get flowers? Isnt good enough for the Owl...


Can someone explain why we use honorific for flowers? I added it in another question, but I dont understand why i am doing it. Am i showing respect for an item that was and is living?


the prefix honorifics is a beautification of speech, it can make the sentences more polite but this is not always the case, for example, お茶 without the お sounds weird, not only rude, same with ご飯 and some other words. Most of the time, Japanese people are not overthinking this, unless you are specifically asking something related to the person like「おいくつですか?」the prefix is just there to make the sentence sounds nicer and not really as a deferential thing.

If you want to know more look for 美化語【びかご】"bikago" usage. This small section of the wiki gives a very good summary though:



Tyrant saves the day as usual


Helpful. Thankyou


I know "Get me flowers please" technically translates the phrase, but that looks WRONG to me as an English speaker. I'm not sure if it's grammatically wrong or just rude. I don't know why duolingo said that's what the answer should be.


can i get some nobody gets left behind please?


ください = Please (ku dasa i)


"お花を下さい。" is wrong apparently...


"I want a flower" technically translates the meaning, dont really know what they ask for, seriously; this question should include choices if the answer spectrum is so narrow

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