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Travel skill. Correct answer was rejected.

Question: il treno parte alle nove Given answer: The train leaves at nine My answer: The train departs at nine

Departs and leaves are synonymous so should be accepted as correct.

Sorry, this is in the Italian skill tree

April 5, 2014



Hi psionpete,

If the lesson does not accept a correct translation, please use the "Report" button under the correction to let the course builders know. There should be an option in there for "My answer should have been accepted".

Thanks! :)


This is not available in the iPad/iPhone app so this is the only way I have to inform DL.

I hope the new updated apps will have this functionality.


Ah! Yeah I'm not super familiar with the apps. Thank you for reporting it even though the feature was not available on those apps! ^_^


I had had the same problem in reporting sentences in the Polish course


It's not the only way - You can also click on the white 'Support' button on the left of the website version. Even if the problem occurred in the App, you pretty much type what you typed here but into the 'Support' form. I was under the impression that it would get noticed by Moderators/Admins more if you use the 'Support' button, but maybe here is just as good?


@ant.poverino, good question. I don't know. With the Support button, you get a ticket number. So, it's almost certain that someone receives the report and looks at it before moving on. I don't know what the admin version of Troubleshooting looks like. They have a different view, a lot more user data etc. showing up on their side. But, I don't know what all that includes as I don't have access to it.

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