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"The belly button is bigger than the belly."

Translation:배꼽이 배보다 큽니다.

October 26, 2017



This sentence makes me want to work in Duolingo


배보다 배꼽이 큽니다 should also be possible.


Can someone break this down for me? Is the "보다" a comparison-style particle? Why does it include "다?" Is it a mere coincidence? I wad hoping to never see a word in the middle of the sentence end with +다 or +요....


보다 is used as "than". A is bigger than B = A는 B보다 크다


From what I know 보다 is just a particle on its own not necessarily a verb that needs conjugation on the ~다.


Correct... 보다 is not related to conjugation of verbs (I.E. 하다). Consider the sentence "I went to the library to listen to music." English learners probably get a headache trying to figure out what "to" means. Just the headaches of language learning! 화이팅~


Have you seen the word 바다? It means "sea" or "ocean." :)


It is a common expression is Korea .. As an example: when you break your 200$ Phone and the fixing it costs you 300$ ...


Oh, I wondered why this impossible sentence was here. Thank you for explaining!


Can 더 be used before 크다 is this sentence? I am not sure when to and when not to use 더/덜 in comparison. Is it like English where we use more/less for the [long] adjectives that do not have a comparative form, like more beautiful vs bigger?

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