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  5. Reached a 200 day streak!!!


Reached a 200 day streak!!!

I was just checking whether or not I did my Duolingo for today... when I realized that I've reached 1/5 of the way to my goal (of a 1000 day streak)!!

Damn... It feels like yesterday when I was celebrating my 100 day streak - which is kinda scary :/ (It also makes me reflect on what I've learned these passed 100 days. . . )

A big THANK YOU to the Duolingo team for this awesome language site!!


October 26, 2017



We are twins I guess ; ) Congratulations -- Way to go! ( I never thought about a streak when I first began...Never thought about 200 days and definitely not a 1000 days! I found out we would be going to Poland so I thought I might try to familiarize myself with the basics....next thing I know..200 days passed! Anyway, I wish you well and hope you continue strong in your pursuit of language.)


Nice job. Especially learning Polish. Why do you learn it? The people who know russian and find it similar make sense to me, but I like knowing about the other individuals


Haha!!! Congrats to you too!!!! :D I hope you keep up with your language learning as well. :)




Congratulations!! :-) Keep up the great work!!

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