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  5. Reached a 200 day streak!!!


Reached a 200 day streak!!!

I was just checking whether or not I did my Duolingo for today... when I realized that I've reached 1/5 of the way to my goal (of a 1000 day streak)!!

Damn... It feels like yesterday when I was celebrating my 100 day streak - which is kinda scary :/ (It also makes me reflect on what I've learned these passed 100 days. . . )

A big THANK YOU to the Duolingo team for this awesome language site!!


October 26, 2017



We are twins I guess ; ) Congratulations -- Way to go! ( I never thought about a streak when I first began...Never thought about 200 days and definitely not a 1000 days! I found out we would be going to Poland so I thought I might try to familiarize myself with the basics....next thing I know..200 days passed! Anyway, I wish you well and hope you continue strong in your pursuit of language.)


Nice job. Especially learning Polish. Why do you learn it? The people who know russian and find it similar make sense to me, but I like knowing about the other individuals


Thanks. We have traveled to different countries in Europe and generally I was preoccupied with other duties so I only have learned the basics: please, thank you, where is the lavatory? , ( very important) etc. in those languages. About 2 years ago we met someone from Poland and he encouraged us to visit him and the country itself. I didn't really think about it any further and then he came back for a visit here this year and we had the same conversation- met his wife via WhatsApp. We speak /communicate periodically. I found out we would be traveling to Poland later this year. So I wanted to show interest in their language and culture and once I started learning the language, I found it to be both challenging and beautiful. I know I don't have the time and resources (translation: brain cells ) to become completely fluent or even really scratch the surface but I hope it will show those I come into contact with that I cared enough to try to communicate with them somewhat in their mother tongue.


Way cool. A lot of people really apreciate even making a little effort to learn a new language, which gives the impression one is interested in anothers culture. So congrats of how far you have gotten in the language, and its quite impressive. I started the course and found it really difficult, and I know amounts of essentially 4 language.


Haha!!! Congrats to you too!!!! :D I hope you keep up with your language learning as well. :)




Congratulations!! :-) Keep up the great work!!


Bien hecho. Y ahora puedes hablar en español, ¿cierto? ¿o qué? ¿Qué sabes del español?


No puedo hablar con fluidez, pero puedo hablar más que antes. :D


Muchas felicidades!! Congrats!


Cheers!! Step by step, you'll achieve your expected result. Have patience and keep up xD


Thank you for the advice :D I'll take it to heart! (You just reminded me of the song Step by Step by Whitney Houston)... and now the songs stuck in my head and its going to be there for the whole day.

Anyway, Well done for your streak!!


Congrats on your achievement and good luck for your goal of a thousand days of continuous learning on this platform.


Thank you :D Well done for your streak!!!


Congratulations, it shows discipline and dedication, good for you, keep up the good work


Thanks :D (Keep up the good work too!!)


Aaaand... I'm going to lose mine as I'll be in a place without internet for more than two days. That sucks.


if you want you can change ur password and give it to me 4 me to do your streak


Congratulations! :)


You have a nice avater.


Thanks :D

PS Well done for your streak


Congratulations. I am jealous.

I hope to be able to actually keep my streak this time as well. I have lost a 120+ day streak, a 50+ day streak, and a few 20-30 day streaks. NOT this time! I am keeping this one.


Hahaha... You'll make it for sure!!

What language are you focused on at the moment?

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