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Anki Flashcards

I wanted to share the program I've been using for vocab (and otherwise) memorization, since I've found greater success using it than any other flashcard program. It's called 'Anki,' and while it's not free for iPhones, it is for Android as well as PC.

Anki's functionality is greater than any other program like it. I wouldn't recommend it for a very casual learner, or someone who wants a quick, simple flashcard app, but the suite of features and near-limitless customization makes it a viable option to study not only vocab, but grammar, word endings, etc. Once you've passed Anki's steep learning curve, it becomes simple to put complex concepts into a flashcard format (aspectual pairs, declension, verb classes, etc.) for quick study catered to one's own learning style. And that's to say nothing of the program's stat tracking, organizational features, built-in learning optimization (which is, of course, very malleable) and cross-device cloud functionality.

If anyone knows of any other standout flashcard programs, please tell!

October 26, 2017



I tried looking up Anki, but there's a few things with that name. Can you share what the specific app is called? I found "Anki", "Anki Flashcards" and "AnkiDroid Flashcards". The web address is also unclear, as anki.com seems to be a totally unrelated company. ankiweb.net seems closer to what I'm looking for, but is pretty barebones and odd looking. Can you share which of all of this you're specifically talking about/recommending? Thank you!


Hi! Sorry, Duolingo did NOT notify me of your response...

Those are all the same company - Ankiweb.net is simply the cloud used to store decks between devices, and you don't really interact with it. AnkiDroid is the Android version of the app, which is free, whereas the iPhone version is not.

The main website is https://apps.ankiweb.net/, where you can download the computer program (also free). It is absolutely bare bones - not a pretty program at all - but I have found it immensely more helpful than others, especially for more complex languages (try reviewing Czech locative endings with another program ;) ). Obviously vocab can be learned off of any similar program, but Anki is still the best I've found to really hammer down grammar.


Memrise! Has a lot of Czech for English speakers flashcard packets and that's how I learned most of my Czech vocab. You can also create you own lists if there's a set of words you want to learn that isn't available in one of the existing courses.

Edit: And it's free!

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