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  5. "We like to play soccer."

"We like to play soccer."

Translation:Nous aimons jouer au football.

October 26, 2017



Faire du soccer vs joue au soccer... Sounds wrong to me, yet jouer is not accepted. Can somebody help me to understand this? Faire du soccer would imply making some soccer no?


I must say that I agree as it follows these outlines:


(Plus a search of the web shows hundreds of pages in French for jouer au foot or jouer au soccer but none for faire du soccer.) Sitesurf?


In France, I guess some people would understand the word "soccer" only if they know a bit about American culture. But we normally use "football", just like in England, or just "foot" more colloquially.

While referring to an activity, you usually can use to generic verb "faire" or a specific verb related to the activity.

"Je joue au football" = "Je fais du football" "Je fais de la musique" = "Je joue de la musique" "Je fais de la peinture" = "Je peins"

Hope I'm clear enough


Just one comment: we don't use Canadian variants in this course, nor any other from any part of "la francophonie".

Duolingo teaches and uses France's French.


Salut SS - which term is Canadian?

PS Has the answer been changed? The OP indicates the original response was Nous aimons faire du soccer. I do know that jouer was not the original translation otherwise I would not have commented. Merci.

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