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  5. "Kde je má žena?"

"Kde je žena?"

Translation:Where is my wife?

October 26, 2017



I'd say: Kde je moje žena?


It is one of the 12 correct answers we accept.


I typed "kde je moje žena" just to check it does work, as opposed to "má", it said it was incorrect even though all spelt correctly


We would need a screenshot. Or a report using the report button but those probably still only work from the mobile app, not from the web.

Be awar that for an audio exercise you need to type what you hear exactly, without any change.


Why "where is my woman" is a wrong answer?


When preceded by possesive like "my-yours-his" žena always means a wife. Muž would always mean a husband as well. You never can say "it is my woman" in english meaning it is your wife. Well, you can, if you live in a ghetto. But in such a case it does not really mean the two of you are married. She might be your girlfriend. Not so in Czech.

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same in german (meine Frau, mein Mann)


'ma' is also my? no 'ma' as in 'they have'?


yes. I know it seems like we made this language complicated on purpose but I promise it is not the case. You can easily have a sentence

Ona má má štěnata. = She has my puppies. Now in real life, one would likely use "MOJE" instead of "MÁ" to claim the ownership of the puppies in this sentence because it would make it less confusing even for Czechs. = Ona má moje štěnata. But there is nothing wrong with "má štěnata"

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