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Higher fluency in app than desktop

My fluency score for German (currently 62% on desktop and 63% on the app) has consistently been 1% higher on the app, since like 20%. Anyone else had this happen to them?

October 26, 2017



it is not accurate at all. I mean, I have been doing this for at least a year, and my fluency level is only at 42%


Yeah, um I got my fluency in French from portuguese from 28% to 43% yesterday. Yes 15% of the language down. That algorythm is soo buggy. Its odd it hasn't been updated, but I bet it encourage some people despite not being based in reality. But so do a lot of other things.


Twisted Arrow, since you're only on level 9, you won't have done enough Duo exercises for the system to have much chance at accurately calculating your fluency


I agree not a accurate


It's not accurate AT ALL. Duolingo staff has confirmed this.


My fluency level has risen recently from a constant 52% to 58% on IOS and 59% on Android. I would credit this to more practice which I have put in for the last few weeks and the 250XP challenge which I have been getting on Android.


I know the XP for Android challenges only register if you do use the app, not the web site (unlike Android clubs).

Q: Do you really use tapping with the Android mobile app to strengthen skills in your level 25 Spanish course?
I am curious: Can you learn anything out of it anymore?

Why don't you strengthen with the web and just do typing (RECALLING)?

Q2: Do you have plans to start the reverse tree Spanish-English / Spanish-L2 other target language where you would get a higher Spanish typing ratio for translation exercises?


I've been doing similar. I'm reviewing the tenses and doing a couple of practise exercise every day. My fluency went from high 40's to high 50's in about 10 days.


You know, the best (for the web) would be simply just to ignore or even better blend out the fluency score panel with any blocking tool like "uBlock Origin" or similar.
I was successful in doing so.

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