"I do not eat red meat."

Translation:Ich esse kein rotes Fleisch.

October 26, 2017

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Why do we use kein here instead of nicht?


you use kein when you can put ein in front of the word. It's a strange translation in english as you wouldn't say 'a meat', but it works in German


From the lesson "Negatives" tips section:

"Kein is also used for negating nouns that have no article: Er hat Brot. (He has bread.) versus Er hat kein Brot. (He has no bread.).

As a general rule:

If you can use 'not a/no' in English, use kein. If you need to use 'not', use nicht."

Because 'Fleisch' is a noun but just without an accompanying article, we use 'kein' over 'nicht.' Also notice, one could say 'I eat no red meat,' and from the above, "If you can use 'not a/no' in English, use kein."


Why rotes instead of rot?


    In German, adjectives in front of nouns need to have an ending on them:

    Das ist rotes Fleisch = "That is red meat"
    Das Fleisch ist rot = "The meat is red"

    See Duolingo's lesson tips. It's a complicated topic at first, so read the comments on the other translations in this lesson and you will find many useful tips.


    It's due to "declension". Since the adjective takes place with the (indefinite) article in the accusative form, it's rotes rather than rot. You can check the declension table, which covers all the cases.


    Why "Ich esse rotes Fleisch nicht" is wrong?


    Yes, why is nicht wrong in this case?
    I know kein negates a noun and that is why you use "kein" anywhere you can use "ein" in front of the noun. And, nicht negates a verb, so it cancels out the action in the sentence.

    So, I'm assuming we are negating the "meat" and not the "eat", although, it seems like you should be able to use either one in this example: I don't EAT red meat (esse nicht), I eat NO red meat (kein Felisch).

    I'm going to do some playing with this one and see if nicht has any acceptable use in this sentence...I'll let you know if I have any success with it. Until then, I suggest using "kein" for now.

    EDIT: Okay, I tried every possible way I could think of to use nicht instead of kein. They all failed. So, let's follow the rules then. If you can put an ein in front of the noun and you want to negate it...use kein.

    Good luck learning...we all need it!


    "Ich esse rotes Fleisch nicht" is accepted as of July 2020.

    [deactivated user]

      German is not that hard...once you memorize the gender of ever noun on the planet.


      Can anyone here please explain why "Ich esse rotes Fleisch nicht" is marked incorrect? Couldn't this be an instance where either "kein" or "nicht" can work? I thought that "nicht" negated a verb?


      'Nicht' does negate a verb, and 'kein' negates a noun. It is difficult to explain, but if you can put 'ein' in front of the noun, then you will want to use 'kein' rather than 'nicht'.


      my answer was incorrect: "Ich esse nie rotes Fleisch". i am under the impression that "nie" means "never". am i wrong about the meaning here, or is this just not close enough to the translation they want?


      I think Ich esse nie rotes Fleisch, is another possible translation. But it seems more emphatic than the original -- "I never eat red meat," as opposed to "I don't eat red meat." Generally Duo wants the closest translation possible, translations which have the same literal meaning but have different connotations or emphasis are often marked wrong. Of course, without context it's possible to have more than one interpretation, in which case different translations should be allowed.

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