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Can people see your level on a language and its reverse tree at same time?

E.g. I'm level 23 on German for English, and just started at level 1 on English for German. Is it possible to see that I have levels in both, or does my German level not show up, now that I've set my native language to German?

October 26, 2017



I can see your English level just fine :) The reason you and others couldn't see it when you posted this was because it hadn't updated yet.


No, actually. As you're looking on your discussion by your name, it only shows German, not english also. But doing both german and english learning opposite is really fun. I stopped doing it, but it's a good way to learn/test your skills. I hope this helped!


That's because the system hasn't loaded it up yet; thanks to the maintenance update it takes a while to update. If you take two Englishes, then the one with the highest level will show up but you can still see it in the course switcher.


It will not show up on discussions unless you are level 2 or above in said language


This bugs me a bit being level 17 in Portuguese from Spanish, level 8 in Portuguese from english, and level 5 in Portuguese from french


Try the page I mentioned. It shows multiple language flags from multiple reverse trees: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24977590$comment_id=24981012


The streak list on http://www.duolingo.eu does not only list the languages - like SHOF does it - but the page rather shows each course flag you are learning on, including ALL reverse trees (multiple flags of the same language).

I believe the script author (not me) scans the user extended profile details to display that great course summary.


Thomas do you work for Duolingo? or are you just very active in forums?

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