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How few people acutaly talk on the discussions.

Hey. Now recently I have noticed that there's a very large amount of people that don't talk on the discussion area. How? Well it comes down to facts. Here are the facts: There are 37,800,000 people learning German but this is not many compared to how many people actually take part in the discussions in German. Even taking into account that people may have joined Duolingo and left and that some people just do Duolingo for the lessons and not discussions it seems to be only very few people that actually participate in the discussions. And many of the people (not the majority but alot) are people that are big members of the community. This is a strange phenomenon for me.

October 26, 2017



I remember reading on here that the vast majority of Duolingo accounts are held by folks who use the mobile app. The iOS app doesn't have access to the forums. I think the Android app did at one time but not sure about now.


I see. Will 'Ios' have access soon? Or is there no plan to have them, on that.?


The later Android app versions have access to sentence discussions with the 0 counter display bug (there are registered comments, but instead the app just shows 0)


The discussions are not accessible to many people due to platforms or even classrooms which could explain a lot of these and the other probably just want to learn a language and are not too interested in the social media kind of side of it


Many of us lurk but only comment when we feel the need. We're not all extroverts who comment on everything.


Most people who only use mobile don’t even know about the forums. I only found out they exist by chance.

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