"Riña līris."

Translation:The girl is smiling.

October 26, 2017



Could this also be translated as "The smiling girl"?

July 26, 2018


No. "The smiling girl" is a sentence fragment, and this is a full sentence with a conjugated verb. Furthermore, we haven't learned participles yet. When eventually you do learn participles (when the expanded tree comes out), you'll learn that to say "the smiling girl" you'd need to say līrare riña.

March 11, 2019


This is an interesting sentence. Rina Iiris.....

October 26, 2017


When does there "is" come from. I thought you needed "issa"

May 4, 2019


Līris is a verb by itself and conjugates. Like Spanish, German, and several other languages, the verb by itself is fine to render what in English we call the present progressive.

May 4, 2019
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