Hello everyone! In case you were wondering, conlang is short for constructed language. Yup, so that means: it's a language whose phonology, grammar, and vocabulary have been consciously devised for human or human-like communication, instead of having developed naturally. It is also referred to as an artificial or invented language.

With that being said, I was wondering if you have a conlang? I have come up with one of my own and I would like to share it with you. My conlang is called Antartican!!! Here is how it sounds, tell me what you think:

So, what I'm saying in Antartican is: Poleg, e fula ma na Samuel. E sika la dada hamon durael. E kilo mano, alei!

Translation: Hello, my first name is Samuel. It's very nice to meet you. See you tomorrow, bye!

What I want you to do is:

  1. Write down in the comments what your conlang is called
  2. Record your conlang (to hear how it sounds) Here is were you can record your conlang:
  3. Write down what you said in your conlang
  4. Translate what you said in your conlang

Once you do that, you can have fun exploring other peoples conlangs and reply to the ones you like! That's all for now, have fun guys!

October 26, 2017

  1. My conlang is called: Tarotilaniano. I think of it as a made up romance language, It's a mixture of Italian and Romanian.
  2. Edit: I just recored me speaking (I'm really sorry for the horrible quality)
  3. Here is how you count in Tarotilaniano. one = a, two = du, three = toi, four = cato, five = cinci, six = sasesa, seven = sieties, eight = optoocto , nine = nouanueve, ten = dicezecese

Soloto! Mi cama Justin. A fosto papelice so memelele to! Lala!

  1. Translation: Hello! My name is Justin. It was a pleasure meeting you! Bye!

Soloto! That's really cool!

This sounds very beautiful! I would love to learn more.

OK. I'll bite.

My language is called Hork by the aliens who speak it. We would likely just call it Breehah, since the breehahs are the ones who speak it.

A recording of a greeting can be heard here. link The qualikty is not so great. It would be an Earth person meeting a breehah. (And yes the Marvin the Martian voice is part of the whole thing.)

What was said:

sah'he. hoo nop kahpoo'karpah. loig hep hai. hais horsop?

Free translation:

Greetings I’m an Earthling Happy to meet you Do you understand?

Literal translation:

Good to meet I am an Earth-human Gladly meeting you You understand?

IF you wanted to learn a lot more, but not everything about the language or the aliens who speak it. this link is the way to do that.

Wow this is so cool!!!

This isn't my own conlang - It was created by multiple people and there are a few fluent speakers. It's called Haramaelic

Sorry for the quality but here's the clip it recording

Here's what I said in Haramaelic: Hi’inclu pésons – met wangara Nort, al met es voca Haramaelic, e Haram. Met li-conda two kirik Haramaelic av inclus quo desir two rechi’et. Ara, voca inclus kestons ab ti langaaj quo yet desir.

Here's what I said in English Hi everyone - I am North, and I'm speaking in Haramaelic (or Haram). I would like to share Haramaelic with whoever wants to learn it (or learn about it). So, ask any questions about this language that you like.

Also - there's a bit of a Duolingo discussion going on asking for Duolingo approve of a few applications that have been made for this language course. So you're welcome to go check that out too if you want to. Just search Haramaelic in the Discussion search.

Oh yay! It's made its way over here too! Honestly check this out guys, its super cool!

For anyone who's interested, I've made a page with links to a resource that covers some basic Haramaelic

Thanks :)


Conlang name: ILan

Recording: I can't record it, so I'm skipping this if that's okay.

Sentence: Vto Woof , bhai vta het vte ?

Translation: I am woof, what is your name?

Literal translation: I am woof, what is name your?

More words for anyone who's interested:


Goodbye - Chende (CHEN - de)

Hello (Less formal; an equivalent of ''What's up?") - Hiyon (HI - yawn)

Honde'e - Good morning (Hon-day - eye)

Hanmeme - Good night (han-mi-mi) (I pronounced like ''eye'')

Hanjouju - Good evening (Han - yo-u-yu)

Jan'ne - Sorry (Yawn - nay)

Mei ya - Thank you (May - yah)

Jaideyde - Nice to meet you (Yi-dee-day)

Hua ji - Excuse me.

Het - Name


Bhai - What (B-ha-eye)

Huy - When (Hoy)

Dihvai - Why (Dee-hiva-eye)

Present tense Conjugation:

I - o

You - e

He/she/it is - a

We are - oi

You (plural) are - ei

They are - ai

Hey! Thanks for joining. ILan, that is so cool. Teach me more! haha

Hi Samuel, This is a different kind of language, though it partially fits your definition of a constructed language. A long time ago I was a pre-school teacher and we had a pair of twins in our school that had created a private language. It was fascinating to watch them. They were about four years old when we had them, and after a while they became very self-conscious about how interested people were in their language so they wouldn't speak much when people could hear them. But it was delightful to listen to (when that was possible) - it was very melodic sounding and utterly unrelated to English. Apparently this happens from time to time in children such as twins. Sadly, I think they then get separated in school so they have to stop using it, but it is really fascinating and special.

Oh my gosh, me and my twin had a private language when we were little, too! Of course, I don't remember it completely... But, watching home videos of us speaking this absurd, distinctive language was very neat and I only remember some words that we created.

That is really fascinating. I would've loved to see that

That reminds me of how my sister and I used to talk to each other in gibberish, then when we finished, we would tell the other what we were saying. It was really funny, we never said anything close to what the other said.

Conlang: Inambã

can't record it, but here's a phonetic transcription: ho ɲẽ'pã.ɾ̃ũ kã'nã.ra ɟa'ɟã.ɾ̃ũ 'ᵐbã.ⁿtũ aɨ̯ o.du.o'rĩ.ᵑɡo ɟe'ɟu.dɨ.kai̯.ka.ta.pu 'ɾe.ko ᵐɓo 'ᵐbõ.ᵑkai̯ ɟãĩ̯ õ.ɲẽ.põ'r̃õ.fai̯.ɾa u ᵐɓo 'k̠ʷẽ.ɾ̃ã ũ'ᵐbu i'tũ.ŋɨ̃ 'ɲẽ.ɲũ.dɨ̃.ᵐbo.ɕɛ nã

Ho, ñepar̃u Connor. Jajar̃u mbantũ ay oDuolingo jejudykaikatapu reko mbonkaĩ jaĩ oñeProfile u mb'o kuer̃a umbu itunhy ñéñudymboche na.

Hi, my name is Connor. I have studied several languages on Duolingo and there are nine on my profile, but I'm only studying one now.

Literal translation: Hi, my-name Connor. Several languages that at-Duolingo I-study-stop-did and nine this at-my-profile but (?) one that only I-study-be now.

Gloss: Hi.FRM 1.SG.AN-name.AN Connor. Several.AN language.AN-PL.AN REL at-Duolingo.AN 1.SG.INAN-study.INAN-stop-PST and nine.AN PROX.AN at-1.SG.AN-profile.AN but CL.AN.SG one.AN MED.AN only 1.SG.AN-study.AN-HAB now

Wow! Just from my messing around a bit on the course here, this looks like Guarani. Was it an influence at all?

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