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Curious about XP. What is your experience?

It seems that the XP required for level 25 is roughly 30,000 XP. The Alpha testers for Chinese have been given access to the course for just under a week and someone has level 25 Chinese already. [Disclaimer: I have only had access for 6 days. Some people may have had access a few days sooner.]

But that would mean that even if one had access for two weeks that is 14 days. So 30,000/14 = ~2140 XP a day which seems doable but would be pretty hardcore. This is assuming that some were given access that early. However, from the discussions, I haven't seen anyone say that they have had access for more than a 10 days. I know "Testing out" gets you to like level 10, so that would also help for hitting level 25 fast... but still in that short of time. What the heck?! Impressive.

My questions are: How many of you exceed 2000xp in a day? How long does it take you? how often do you beat 2000xp in a day? and how many days have you kept it up for?

October 26, 2017



LazyEinstein, mind giving me their username?


I used to be able to get 2000 XP when I was only in school in a day but it took me quite a while on here and most of it would have been Timed Practise. I suppose it's possible in 10 days if they don't have work/school and dedicated at least a few hours a day, would have been easier if they tested out as you said but there would still be 15,000 + more XP to get to level 25 although they would be able to do practises fairly fast if they already knew everything in the tree.


I did just check and at level 11 you have about 3,000 XP and level 11/12 is the level most course test out around so even if they tested out it would still be 26,000 XP left


My understanding is that the Japanese and Chinese courses are even shorter than most courses (I think I saw someone mention 180 lessons for Japanese, compared to over 300 for a "short" course like Spanish), so testing out wouldn't even give you 2000 XP.

Another thing is, timed practice is currently the fastest way to gain XP, but isn't the Chinese alpha only in the apps? Isn't that exponentially harder than timed practice on the web (if the apps have timed practice in the first place)?


I am on android and could not find it although it may be on iOS


I certainly could not do 2000 xp a day! My usual daily xp is about 100 - and I will go to 'google translate' or read grammar sites in between, to be sure I am learning more deeply. However, I am amazed by the amount of TOTAL XP accumulated by some people. In particular, I am in awe of two people on my friends list - Bird Explorers has 688,812 xp and Potato Santa has 629,193 xp.


Want to be in awe of people? Check out: Faeryeye, coonwp, letter_s, ReeQueen, JSstudent. Prepare to have your mind blown. Also for streaks look at: johnarnold, christi3

Have fun!


A lot of us raked in the points when immersion was active - it was very easy to get several hundred points at once for a translation. ReeQueen was especially active there.


Faeryeye's 6,835,657 XP earned in a maximum of 4 years is at least 4682/day. I don't know about awe, I'm going for suspicion there =) (or a really active immersion history? or a bug?) But that notwithstanding there are indeed some really impressive user-stats there!


She would have had the chance to gain a lot of XP in the glory days of immersion. That is the only reason it is not suspect in my eyes.


True, I didn't know you could earn hundreds of points a sentence back then. Guess it would have taken quite some time/effort to get to that level as well so respect =)

No use in comparing XP (to ones own) anyway as people learn differently (as Jane already mentioned above) and with Duo operating on a global scale there must be loads of really smart people among us who have a knack for languages and just learn faster =)


It is like standing at the foot of a mountain and seeing it disappear into the clouds.


For seeing people with longer streaks, multiple finished level 25 courses (lot's of XP) you can either check the SHOF thread or http://www.duolingo.eu


I cleared 2000 xp in a day pretty frequently when there was Immersion. My all time high was 8192 which is easy for me to remember because it is 2^13.

I cleared 2000 xp a few times testing out of lessons on reverse trees. I made it from 0 to level 7 the day I started the Norwegian tree, however much that is. That would be my highest daily xp by doing individual lessons.


Hi Amarelo,

I am curious for the Portuguese reverse English and German trees as I finish the forward EN-PT course soon (I think I should start a new thread about this question):

Is it better to do the reverse trees skill by skill, lesson by lesson or would you actually suggest to test-out (intro comprehension test, checkpoint test-outs, skill test-out)?

Wouldn't lesson by lesson show me more total sentences (and vocabulary) than the short cut of test outs?

So would the slower process help me in practicing writing in PT with it's higher EN-PT/DE-PT ratio?


This is a great question. I would like to see you make your own thread about it. If you do, please link it here. I'd like to see the responses.


I will.

Matfran had posted about some background information in 1-2 threads....quite long(er) comments - great examples...

But how the heck shall I be able to find these threads (including his inline-comments) here on DuoLingo? :-)


Followed the discussions with the Follow button at the top. As for linking, assuming you may not know, just copy the URL from the discussion you create.


I never done that. I'm one of those guys who don't like going over my daily goal. :P


2000XP is 100 perfect timed practice sessions; if each of these takes about 2 minutes (at six seconds per question), that works out at about three and a half hours. It's doable, although I'm suspicious of anyone who gets to such levels so quickly, particularly if it were to be imagined as a thought experiment that this took place in a purely hypothetical course with so many missing translations that timed practice is thereby much more difficult (I am certainly not referring to the Chinese course here).


Does chinese even have Timed Practise because I have Android and could not access it but it may be on iOS


On the web yes.

Edit: I just checked my source for that assertion and it was discussing Japanese not Chinese. I assume the software is exactly the same, but I am not an alpha tester, so I don't really know. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24979345


Chinese is not on the web


I think I once got about 3,000 xp in a day, but that was from literally abusing Immersion for about 5 hours. I don't get how people can do all this just from Timed Practice xD


How many of you exceed 2000xp in a day? How long does it take you? how often do you beat 2000xp in a day? and how many days have you kept it up for?

I suspect I never exceed 2000XP a day. (Which probably makes the rest of my answer unnecessary, given the context of the question, but anyway ...)

Certainly I have exceeded 800XP in a day (without immersion). Probably with German, Spanish, and Esperanto. Probably not for more than 2 days in a row.

I'm fairly sure I have managed around 500XP for a number of days in a row, but probably only 4 or 5 days in a row.

I remember a while ago I was aiming for 300XP a day for a longer time period, and believe that to be the highest XP I might aim at for a few weeks at a time (with courses I have become accustomed to). That said, 300XP a day is probably a high estimate for myself most of the time.

(From getting 300XP a day, there is a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the week when the weekly XP is greater than 2000. But I find that takes a lot of effort from me. Getting 300XP a week (rather than per day) is very satisfying too - it's just nice to have a target XP to aim for. )

(At the moment, I tend to aim for 10 to 30XP a day, and maybe a couple of times a week go for about 150XP instead. I know that there are users who are more dedicated to Duolingo than I am - so everything I have written is about me, not about what might be possible for someone else.)


Why would you want to learn so much? How do you even do that? Don’t you get a headache? Should I try it?

I have been doing DuoLingo for 10 days now and have 935 XP total.

Edit: Why does the Duolingo coach only give you such ‘low’ options. 50 XP being ‘insane’, but that’s just a small part of what you guys do.


Chandelair, welcome! Go at the speed that suits you. I don't think going fast will give a headache, but I think sore fingers from typing, plus the lessons will have to be reviewed sooner. (but we all have to redo the lessons anyway to keep them strong, that's just how learning works!)

Happy 10 days streak! Duolingo will give you a lingot for every 10 days streak, (2 lingots for 20 days, etc.) And here is an additional one from me. :-)


Awh thank you that’s so sweet. I use DuoLingo on iPad and android, so no typing hehe.

I was kinda worried I wouldn’t get to remember everything I learn on a day when doing so many lessons, but if the lessons are reviewed sooner it’ll be fine!


Wow. I've been here 45 days and have 2940 XP...But I have missed a few days. I like that the strengthening exercises also give you points! Dal ati


I don't exceed 2000 XP in a day unless I'm reviewing a course. It takes me around 2 hours to reach at least 2000 XP, depending on the lessons in skills. A normal day is anywhere from 300-1000 for me.


I have actually gotten 4050XP in a day. I only kept it up for that day.


But you are only level 3(at the time of this comment)!?? Non-English language base?


The flag is Dutch, not French :-)
You could install the user script "DuoLingo flag language" :-)

BTW: The profile states level 7, not level 3, therefore the forum seems to have a display bug.


I wonder if he went from level 3 to 7 from the time I posted to when you read my comment.

Also, thank you for pointing out my error. I will edit my previous post to correct it.


He probably tested out some skills: {"improvement":1050,"datetime":1509072338000.0}


The most i got in 1 day is around 800 i think that if i was focused all day and did lessons from 6:00 to 23:59 i could do that but i will probably get literally sick from doing that for so long without breaks.


No the app doesn’t have timed practice anyone going to make it


Sorry that this is unrelated to the topic, but how do you focus on so many languages and memorise all the words? I'm only able to focus on a couple things at a time...


So I challenged myself to 2000xp today and all I can say is that it is seriously hard. Only at 1462XP right now. I woke up around 7:00am and it is 9:25pm here now. I don't know if I can do it hahah. I'll have to try again on a less busy day. See how far I can push myself.


... okay.. passed 2000XP. Would not try that for a week straight.


Congrats! I was pleased with my 100 XP today....LOL, then I decided to have a "quick" look at Memrise: I'm on level 9 (69,965 points)....and my hedge still needs cutting. Ah well <shrug>

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