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"František a Matěj jsou její strýcové."

Translation:František and Matěj are her uncles.

October 27, 2017



Could this also be "František a Matěj jsou její strýci"?


Yes, we do accept such a reply.


Good then but what is the difference between the two?


There actually is no difference. "Strýc" can be either "strýci" or "strýcové" in the nominative plural. See https://cs.wiktionary.org/wiki/str%C3%BDc. (Handy site, I find.)


How do people choose one over the other? Personal preference? Whichever “flows” better in the context of a given sentence? Following the moon phase?


My money would be on "following the moon phase" -- given the number of surprising things about Czech -- but there's probably a much better answer that someone else can provide... :-)

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What's the difference between strýc and strýček? Thanks


Strýček is a diminutive. Strýc will be more likely found in official documents or statements about some family relationships. It is more common in the speech of some Moravian dialects.

In spoken word the most common is "strejda" but the "ý" -> "ej" is a sign of Common Czech, not Standard Czech.

You can check this comparison http://syd.korpus.cz/QI7SCGxU.syn Some of those words have some specific meanings or are used in some specific situations, like the "strejc" or "strejček", even without meaning a relative.

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