October 27, 2017



all of the kpop stans on here, please stop. its a learning app not a place to fangirl over your bands. y'all can do that elsewhere. the comments are supposed to be a place where ppl can genuinely ask questions about the language and receive help.


yea I am an ARMY, but it's a learning app so I agree


Im a kpop stan and i really do agree, we shouldnt flood the comments with: "OMG JIMINIE WAS BORN IN BUSAN FIRST" or "OMG BTS BLAHBLAH BLAH!!1!1" Come on!! This is a learning application not a fangirl-over-ur-fav-kpop-band app


Yeah. I'm an ARMY as well but this is an app to learn, YouTube or ARMY/KPOP Amino is for fangirling. I dislike when this happens because ALL ARMYs get called out even though it isn't everyone. It's a simple fix though: Know the place and the time to fangirl. Duolingo is not the place.


Im a kpop stan but i do agree. I came here to learn as well and there are a few too many kpop comments


I am a bts fan but tbh this is a place for learning so please comment things about the language instead :) thank you


how are we supposed to know translations before even learning them!


You tap on the word and it tells you the meaning.


Yes, this is what I'm having a problem with too. Even though I'm learning to read the letters, it doesn't mean much on these exercises if I have to guess the answers because I don't know the translation.


I recommend the use of the Memrise app in paralel to Duolingo. I think that it's much easier to learn the hangul in there.


literally only knew this because of Gangnam style - sure the word yaw-ja is thrown in there a fair few times, assumed it was "woman" based on the music video ;)


I'm Kpop fan myself but i don't want to leave comments about BTS or any other groups. Everyone of you plese stop leaving such comments. This is learning app not some kind of fanpage where you can write comments like that.


I selected "Namja" and it says it's correct, but gave me "typo in your answer" message and 여 자 as the proper answer.. Wut?


남자 is man, 여자 is woman


Yes. Apparently it is "oe ja" which we learned in alphabet.


Yes , LOVE bts, and blackpink!

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