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Open Wayuunaiki

Wayuunaiki is an arawakan language spoken in Colombia and Venezuela. There are more than 500k speakers. Wayuunaiki is one of the major Arawakan languages. There are minimal differences depending on the region of La Guajira in which speakers live. Most of the younger generations speak Spanish fluently. Let's develop a course of this language to preserve its legacy for next generations.

October 27, 2017



There are more than 500M speakers.

There isn't anything like 500m people in the combined populations of Colombia and Venezuela. According to Wikipedia, 320,000 people speak Wayuu.

Edit: it occurs to me now that 'm' is probably a Spanish abbreviation for 'mil', which makes rather more sense (although still a bit of an overestimation, in my opinion). Note that it is read as 'millions' in English; if you want to say 500,000, write '500k'.


Thanks, itś 500k, because there are many speakers who live in other regions like Merida (El Vigía), and of course Maracaibo and Sur del Lago, this is speaking only of wayuus living in Venezuela. This estimation is according Dr. Esteban Emilio Mosonyi, the most important scholar of venezuelan indigenous languages, it's popular his handbook "Manual de Lenguas Indígenas de Venezuela" where he studies 10 languages spoken by native people: Warao,Pemon, Wayuunaiki,Cuiba,Baniwa, Guahibo, Ñengatú, Pumé or Yaruro, Yavitero and Kariña or Carib.


Hiya! I recommend checking out Lrtward's guide on where to post about how to recommend a language. To apply to help create Wayuunaiki, you can apply Here.

Good luck! ^_^


As a Venezuelan I would love to see this happen, although I don't actually speak Wayuu, it would be really great just to be a little more nationalistic and actually get to understand the people that speak this language. :)


Are there some contributors?


That would be wonderful! I would definitely learn it.

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