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  5. "Did you gather the carrots?"

"Did you gather the carrots?"

Translation:Voi ați cules morcovii?

October 27, 2017



Why introduce the form "Ai cules morcovii" if we have not learned the verb and the tip doesn't even list it?


I agree. It's hard enough getting your head around these sentences without having unknown words thrown in!


05.02.2020 rămâi la fel !!


The word "clues" shows up here and a few other places and it doesn't make any sense. Clues isn't even a Romanian word!


If Duolingo wants to expose us to words, that's fine, but the word should be in the hover-tip-thingy


Andrea it is not "clues" it is "cules" and means "pick up fruits" as mentoned above. My reaction was like yours first but than I look at dictionary and my opinion is that such cases are good for me - make me stop and think for what must be corect word and finaly helps me to study better.


14.06.2020 este la fel

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