"Did you gather the carrots?"

Translation:Voi ați cules morcovii?

October 27, 2017

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Why introduce the form "Ai cules morcovii" if we have not learned the verb and the tip doesn't even list it?


I agree. It's hard enough getting your head around these sentences without having unknown words thrown in!


05.02.2020 rămâi la fel !!


My understanding is that "a cules" is used when talking about picking fruit and vegetables but "a adunat" (collect / gather) would probably also be acceptable. I think Duolingo just wants to expose you to a wide variety of words in different contexts and if you only remember one of the two or three words, then good for you. If Duolingo only went with "aduna", you'd be complaining that Duolingo is too limited.


If Duolingo wants to expose us to words, that's fine, but the word should be in the hover-tip-thingy


Andrea it is not "clues" it is "cules" and means "pick up fruits" as mentoned above. My reaction was like yours first but than I look at dictionary and my opinion is that such cases are good for me - make me stop and think for what must be corect word and finaly helps me to study better.


14.06.2020 este la fel

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