"From which country?"

Translation:Aus welchem Land?

October 27, 2017

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Why welchem and not welche or welcher?


aus requires the dative case.

Land is neuter.

Put those together and you realise that you need the neuter dative form welchem :)


Then why not Welches?


Then why not Welches?

aus requires the dative case.

welches would be neuter nominative or neuter accusative, but you need neuter dative here -- which ends in -m like neuter dative dem, thus welchem.


Can we say: Von welchem Land?


No. Countries are considered as "containers" that you are inside, so if you come from a country, you come from inside the country (aus dem Land) and not from the outside wall of the country (von dem Land).


"Aus welchem Lande" is considered unacceptable. But isn't it just literary usage? If so, it's not really incorrect.


This is just a beginner's course, so we tend to stick to regular, everyday language from the 21st century.

Grammar or forms that are poetic or literary or archaic are generally not accepted in either English or German in this course.

Please stick to everyday language.


Why not: Aus welchem Staat?


That would be "From which state?"

"State" (Staat) can be an independent country, but the word "country" (Land) is the usual one in everyday use.


Why isn't it 'Welchem Land aus'?


Why isn't it 'Welchem Land aus'?

Because aus is a preposition, meaning it comes before the thing it modifies. Thus aus welchem Land? with aus before welchem Land.


What is this other word, Wovon?


I gave the right answer but it wasn 5 accepted why


it wasn 5 accepted

Probably because you made a mistake -- maybe a small one that you did not notice yourself.

If you are sure that you answered correctly, it's a good idea to send a report using the "my translation should be accepted" option.

If you want to ask for help in the comments, please let others see exactly what you typed: make a screenshot showing the question and your entire answer, upload it to a website somewhere (e.g. imgur), and include the URL to the image in your comment.


Same for me and I took a screen shot of it to prove it


Screen shots are always good for context!

Can you share the screen shot with us, please? Upload it to a website somewhere (e.g. imgur, flickr, Google Drive, ...) -- anywhere as long as the photo is visible to/shared with the public.

Then please put the URL of the image in a comment here.

Thank you very much!


"Was aus land" was given as an earlier phrase! Why is it now shown incorrect? Unfair!


"Was aus land" was given as an earlier phrase!

I'm not sure where you might have seen that as "given", since that makes no sense at all in German (and land isn't even a German word).


I must be going a bit loopy! Thanks!


Why is *Wohin welchem Land" wrong?


' Aus ' takes the dative ( indirect object case ), along with mit, von, bei, etc......

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