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  5. "Lukas ist ein Mann."

"Lukas ist ein Mann."

Translation:Lukas is a man.

October 27, 2017



Not sure it was fair to mark it incorrect just for spelling the bloke's name wrong.


i thought it was lucas


I heard Brucas. I just assumed it was a German name I wasn't familiar with and spelled it as best I could.


Same, I wrote it as Brutus for Rome's sake.


Ist Lukas ein deutch name?


Ja, Lukas ist heutzutage ein deutscher Name. Urspr√ľnglich aus dem Lateinisch oder sogar Altgriechisch.

(Remember that adjectives in front of nouns need endings and all nouns need to be capitalised).


Pronunciation sounded like Brucas instead of Lucas.


That's what I heard too. I tried reporting it a couple of times, but I guess it's still Brucas.


How are we supposed to know its lukas and not lucas?


That translation was right come on who care the name.?


Couldn't we have at least a picture of the person with "Lukas" as a title? I thought it was Luca


Lukas is deutch name and anna is duetch name


How do you make the words correct becaise it doesnt pick up on anything i say


Not sure if I'm hearing well but it sounds to me that there's a link with the words Lukas and ist like "lukas sist", is this correct?


I've noticed words blending together like this sometimes, especially on the male audio. I'm not sure if this is deliberate--maybe a way to get folk used to someone who may speak in a lazier/less clear way? (Like how some folk say "dunt" for "doesn't" in English.)

Lukas also sounds distorted to me on the male audio, more like "Brucas". I've tried reporting it, but because you can't specify which bit of the audio doesn't sound right, I'm not sure if the problem will be clear to whoever's reviewing it.


Guys, I keep getting it wrong, I got it wrong the first time I typed Lucas instead of Lukas, now even when I use Lukas, it says I am wrong. Is anyone facing this too?

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