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  5. there's a new thing!


there's a new thing!

When you finish a lesson, there is a little thing with a tick. I like it!

October 27, 2017



You mean the yellow checkmark on the lessons page that previously was green? I would rather the staff focus on actual improvements instead of small cosmetic things.


The cosmetic things add up! They perform A/B tests on these kinds of things, and if it keeps users motivated, then they keep it. If it doesn't matter, they'll remove it.


Luke's right, and not in a theoretical way. In an actually measured way. Sometimes little stuff that no one would expect has an impact on learners. So, Duolingo tinkers with and tests everything.


I don't like ticks. They are nasty little spider-like creatures that live in bushes and grass and when they happen to fall on you they can cause you borreliose. They dig their heads into your skin and live on your blood. You must pull them out very carefully so the head comes out too. Then desinfect the place!


You'll be happy to know that the "tick" in this case is a check mark. :)


A little thing with a tick?

I also just did a lesson and I saw nothing new.


Why do you like it?


yes, i like it too!


why and how is it good


I just discovered it! I kinda like it too! Its pretty cool :)


What, you haven't finished your French tree Miriam? :-)

I had recently seen another "new thing" (on the web):

An alternative answer was displayed in a 2nd solution text box (the one from the sentence discussion) when they were either accepting my own answer or showing the next 1st corrected answer (in red) for my Portuguese tree.

Now this NEW feature is gone again and did not popup anymore...

BTW: Are you using Camilo's powerful user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer" to activate French audio for multiple-choice answers and right hand side L2 target language translations?

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