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Why follow or be followed?

I am sure this has been asked before. Sorry about it but I checked through a bunch of threads and still remained puzzled.

When I follow someone, I do see his/her username in a "Leaderboard" with how many XP they have earned. But frankly I have no interest to compete with anyone on XP. Rather, I would like to see what are their other comments about my favorite languages. However, the only function that I seem to have is still "Block This User XXX"....

Did I miss something. Otherwise what would be the point to follow someone or be followed by someone? Would anyone be so kind to explain?

October 27, 2017



In the past if you followed someone you could post comments on their activity stream, but since the activity stream has been deleted, being followed means nothing. I follow my husband so I can remind him (in person!) that he hasn't done his Italian practice! In the past I made friends with people from different countries and we used to have small (relevant) chats, but now I have no idea what they are doing. Apart from that, the practice of "following" someone is useless and they might as well get rid of it! I am being followed by so many people and I have no idea who they are or why they want to follow me - I think it's become a bit like Facebook friends (I am so popular I have 60 million Facebook friends!) as I have lots of followers who have about 250 points and post things like HI!!??? smiley face. So just ignore it and don't feel obligated to follow anyone who follows you - unless it's real live friend and you want to compete with them!


Thank you for your explanation!

That would have been fun to have so much interaction.

60 million friends on Facebook ! I am amazed. Are we talking to Lady Gaga ?


In the past, you could "chat" with your friends in their streams, and you could go to the Activity tab and there you could see what each of your friends had written or achieved recently. It was great in my opinion.

I had some good friends here but now I don't know how they are doing lately, which is sad.


Yeah the feature seems really lame at the moment. There are a couple of people who I followed because I think they write really excellent forum posts, and I'd like to be able to see what else they've written. Seems like missing functionality.


I wasn't here when the steam existed, as I am new - but I personally like being able to follow someone and having my own one-sided competition with them. You don't have to follow someone if you don't see a point to it. But for people like me, it is fun :)


Good point. In the past, I followed people who were asking interesting questions so I could see them and try to answer them. Now that this no longer works, the point, as you said, is to compete against them in points. If that's not interesting to someone then the obvious answer is that following isn't interesting for them - but different strokes for different folks.


I used to have an extreme XP competition with this guy I was following - thing is, he didn't know we were competing.

Now following people is really just that, but it is also a way to show a person that you admire them for their work, if you care about that.


Haha - yes, I had a guy on my list like that. All sorts of other people could pass me, but when THIS guy did, I had to work to stay ahead. I'm not sure why I felt that way.


I have followed a few people because I like to have someone on my leaderboard to compare myself to. We are not really competing, but once in a while if I see 'follower X' is 20 points ahead of me, I would then make the effort to study a bit more to catch up. I find it helps my motivation.


I think that following three people still earns an achievement?


Yes, it does :-) If you could follow me, I'd be very obliged, because I only need the "Friendly" achievement (get followed by 3 people) and the "Champion" (complete all skills of a course) to have a complete set :-). I'm also be very happy to follow you in return, of course!


Looks like you made your achievement. I followed only because I have been to the city of 100 spires, and my wife and I had an exchange student for short period from Prague...

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Okay, so the activity streams are no more (I joined after they were eliminated).
Is there any possibility of allowing members to click on the avatars of the people they are following to get a list of their posts? There are a number of people whose posts are absolutely stellar, providing an incredible amount of good information, and I would hate to miss a single one of their missives. Unfortunately, their posts may be buried as a response to another thread that i might pass over.

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