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Favourite language

What’s your favourite language? Why?

(Mine is German. Because of the really long words like ‘unbesiegbar’ and ‘ausgezeichnet’!)

October 27, 2017



Tamil and German also Norwegian because they are all easy to learn


Just curious, what's your native language? I don't see how Tamil would be an easy language if one's native language was not an agglutinative language like Turkish or Georgian.


My favorite language is Japanese ^^! I enjoy many things about Japan including their culture, history, and geography as well as their language which I find quite amazing. Even though I have just started learning, I'm already addicted with learning new phrases and kanji. I hope that one day I can speak it fluently and after I do, I want to learn many more languages :>


Ooo! Congratulation! For me, Kanji is impossible to learn (except some easiest and only to look at, not to copy.)


Mine is German too. Hallo!


Mine is Afrikaans. It is the best sounding language I've ever come across.


German !!! Because basically, German is the most spoken language in Europe. German is close to English so it's really easy to learn. Also, I wanna study abroad to Deutschland !!!! ( I wanna study abroad to Germany because ..... Deutschland ist schön !!! )

Ich leibe Deutschland und Deutsch !!!


Ja!!! Deutschland ist gut und schön!!!


I've been asked this question many times, and all those times I have not been able to produce an answer. There are too many amazing languages in this world for me to pick a favorite.


Mmmmm.... have to go with Italiano! :D


Favorite language to learn or just favorite language over all?? Lol Greek is pretty cool. :)


I like Dutch because..... well it is the only language I have learned besides Spanish.


Norwegian is a close second to German.


My first instinct is to say Swahili because I find it to be beautiful, but really... I like them all. They all have a great feel in my mouth. I know, weird to say, but you know what I mean!!






Favourite prinunciation (not in order):

  1. narrow version of BREnglish (Glaswegian oe Edinburgh(Ian?) maybe +West Sussex, but I dislike England for historical reasons) = USE

  2. BrPortuguese (my icon is a great proof). The "sexiest" language in the world. Seriously, WOW. It sounds like a river stream in some cases. And much harder sounds than in Spanish.

  3. German (I can listen to it for hours on end. )

  4. Japanese (VERY narrow sounds, but clear words if pronounced not very quickly.)

  5. Belarusian (hard G is my most favourite sound in the world), and 1/2 of my maternal ancestors are from there.

Would like to learn:

  1. BrEnglish (not native yet)

  2. Br Portuguese (to watch/read/communicate on-line).

  3. Japanese (At least learn kana to be able to copy hieroglyphs to translate manga somewhere). Shoujo ai & yuri all the way!

  4. German sentence structure is Hell, but I'd want to understand some old German films (with my favourite schauspielerin) which have no subtitles.

  5. Slovak (Foreign fans of Spadla z oblakov and Zuza (Majka) can understand me very well.)

  6. Swedish because of Astrid Lindgren, but pronunciation sounds not good to my ear.

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