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Hello everyone!

I am in search of a french comedy series i can purchase that i can have the option of having french and english subtitles on.

Thank you in advance

October 27, 2017


Hello mark, You can use , with ublock origin (chrome), to delete the pubs. There are the subtitles, and you can watch many series. Have a nice day!

thank you but im not happy giving my credit details to a website i do not no

Not sure what level you are or how old you are but I found the extra french episodes useful

Thanks a lot, Very useful!

there is a french TV show my brother is watching. I don't know how you can get to it but it is super funny and has English subtitals. Its called petite Nicolas
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Episodes of Petit Nicholas are available on YouTube. The series is inspired by many books written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempé, and tell Nicholas' stories of his daily life as a young boy at school and at home. They are classics.
I love "Sherlock Yack, Zoo Detective," a cartoon series, of 12 minute episodes each, about a yak, who is a detective, who solves crimes in the zoo he lives in. Each episode presents a crime or mystery, Sherlock finds three suspects, and asks the viewer if they can help solve the crime. I am not sure if this series has subtitles, but I can understand the dialog, and I am an advanced beginner French student. Bonne chance !

if you have netflix, most if not all of their original content has multiple language options. You can select the language that you want for the audio, and also for the subtitles. There are a lot of TV series and movies that they have created in a variety of genres so you should be able to find a comedy.

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