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  5. "빵이 뜨겁습니다."

"빵이 뜨겁습니다."

Translation:The bread is hot.

October 27, 2017



I love how there's an option as 'hot to the touch.' That bread could be slayin'


why did I say the room. T_T


Easy mistake. 빵 and 방 look very similar. tbt I first typed room,too, but then corrected it. And it would make sense as a sentence in English too so don't worry :)


But how is the pronunciation different? Is there any way to know the dofferwnce in a conversation or is kt just based on the context?


ㅍ = "aspirated" eg. a lot of air. Sounds more like a p. ㅂ = some air. sometimes sounds more like a b, and somtimes like a p, depending on the sounds around it. ㅃ = no air. more of a b sound.

Tip: If you hold a thin piece of paper or tissue in front of your mouth when you speak, the paper should move violently when you say ㅍ, a little when you say ㅂ, and not at all when you say ㅃ.

Same with other consonants: ㅊ air+ ㅈ air ㅉ air-

ㅋ air+ ㄱ air ㄲ air-

ㅌ air+ ㄷ air ㄸ air- There are a lot of youtube videos on this subject if you want to here the difference, too :)


방 = room, 빵 = bread. Close!


Ahhh. Yall are helpful what the heck


It's similar, and understandable


By the way, is 뜨겁다 appliable to people?


To my understanding yes. But only litteraly as if some one has a feaver. Not when some one is atractive.


I said "The bread is hot to the touch" and it was marked incorrect.


Same thing for me. Guess it doesn't work that way


That's why there is the "report" function, so you can tell them that your answer should've been accepted.


리사가 뜨겁습니다


That mainly means that she has a high temperature.

Although, in a figurative sense, it could also mean that she's intensely passionate but that's not as common of a usage.

But it doesn't quite mean "hot" as in "attractive" like in English.


Hot by 1tym. Thank me later


It must be new bread or idk :))


Hot vs cold?? (For summary purpose)


could i also use 뜨겁습니다 to say a person is hot as in attractive


It's mainly used for saying that the temperature of a thing is high. Especially for saying it's hot to the touch, but can more generally mean that the thing makes you feel hot.

But it can also, figuratively (and a bit less commonly) mean strong in feeling/passions. But that doesn't seem the same as meaning "attractive".


So is woo do hwan XD


Can 뜨겁다 also be used for weather?


뜨겁다 is primarily for things/objects that directly feel hot or you can directly feel heat from them.

It doesn't make sense to use 뜨겁다 for just the weather.

Confusingly, it can be used for the heat directly from the sun (like when you head/hair feels hot).


지민이 뜨겁습니다.

Can we say this:))? Is there any mistake ??


That means that he is hot to the touch. It would mean that he's sick and has a fever or like a heat stroke.

edit: It could also mean, figuratively, that he's intensely passionate but it doesn't mean attractive like in English.


What's the difference between "뜨겁다" and "덥다"?


덥다 refers to the temperature of the air around you. Especially to the weather.

뜨겁다 refers to how a thing feels when you touch it or kind of to anything that you directly feel hot from.


Can anyone elaborate on 뜨겁습니다 and 덥습니다? I can remember them as the same, I just want to know what the difference is.


덥다 (덥습니다) primarily refers to the temperature of the air around you.

뜨겁다 (뜨겁습니다) refers to how a thing feels when you touch it or to something that you feel heat from directly.

For instance:

Weather - 덥다

A stove - 뜨겁다

A confusing one to me, though, is that they'll use "뜨겁다" to refer to the sun in how the sun kinda more directly makes you feel hot on your skin/head.


So am I ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Suju song help me

Neo neomu tteugowo



yes i.n is hot baby bread

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