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Longer tree

Although I think Duolingo is fantastic and I'm in danger of boring my friends and alienating my grand children by constantly talking about it by urging them to use it, I think the tree could be lengthened, to give more practise to verb tenses and difficult to translate phrases.

October 27, 2017



I like the idea of more vocabulary words!


It seems like the vocabulary units at the end of the course too often use simple sentences with present tense indicative verbs. It would be nice to practice more complex sentences with subordinate clauses using conditional and subjunctive verbs. The handful of units on these subjects is not enough for me, I'm afraid. Something similar to the Glossika sentences would be great.


I up-voted!

I am testing around a little bit with Mondly for my Portuguese because of specific themes; and I had (once) higher hopes for "grammar 1-3" topics BEFORE I had finished all grammar skills in my DuoLingo PT tree:

  • Yes, I am already aware of some experienced limitations like often tapping (like DuoLingo Android app) vs fully typing, playing often PT audio in the "wrong moment", before the answer, etc.
  • I am sure it could be improved a bit (e.g reporting errors / alternatives per question)
  • and I should probably share my experiences (I am a Memrise user script power and DuoLingo web user) with Mondly's owners to get improvements....

Nevertheless I want to link my older thread "Mondly languages added 19 new topics to their tree": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23524002/Mondly-languages-added-19-new-topics-to-their-tree

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