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"El director"

Translation:The director

March 14, 2013



In English the post of a principal in a school is called a headteacher as this could be either a man or a woman. How would one term a female head teacher in Spanish?


la directora But not all titles/occupations have two genders like this one does. Many you 'just gotta learn.'


'head teacher' always confused me. We had several head teachers and a principal in my school, but when I read British novels, the principal was so often referred to as 'headteacher'. English! Ay!


In my region and variety of English there is no ¨head teacher.¨ There is ¨principal,¨ ¨vice principal,¨ ¨teacher,¨ but no ¨head teacher.¨


I just had a set in which 7 of the 10 questions revolved around 'el director'! Duolingo really has to work on its algorithm...

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