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Trouble cancelling subscription

I signed up for the Duolingo plus subscription to beef up my Spanish before a trip. I understood it to automatically renew until I cancel the subscription. That has been impossible. I have tried through my iPhone settings and iPhone app settings and am never led to a place where I can manage my subscriptions. Is anyone else having this problem. Quite frustrating that there is literally no customer support with Duolingo.

October 27, 2017



Just to add a quick tip to Pentaan's link, If you want a refund, but have gotten stuck in a loop of auto replies from Duolingo, please make sure you've submitted your ticket as a purchase issue via the bug report form. If you submit it as a bug or other issue, the sales department won't see the ticket. If you still have trouble with this, please leave me a follow up comment.


You can also cancel your subscription through your bank, Apple account or whatever payment method you are using, just ask them to cancel any recurring payments towards Duolingo, should be easy.


wow.i cant manage my subscriptions either.


i gave U half of my lingots cause U might want them one day


i feel bad for U. :( :( :( :(


its probably hard for U


Hi SONKWABAN, you're not alone and i'ts even weirder in my case, as I canceled my subscription as PENTAAN suggested to do. For me it was through Google payment methods, I simply removed my payment attachment from Googlepay. Everything went right, and my subscription ended, as planed.... But today, I had my subscription renewed again without my agreement, and I am still wondering how did they do, as my Google pay account is totally free from any payments options.... I'm gonna try to get a refund...


wow. U must be under a lot of pressure

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