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most useful languages?

In your opinions, what are the 10 most useful languages you can learn on Duolingo?

October 27, 2017



Probably a mix of whatever languages that are spoken in places you want to travel, ones that are spoken in places you live nearby, and ones that are the most widely spoken languages across the world.


The languages someone has to use in .....

  1. communication with other people in the country and neighbour countries
  2. a (future) profession
  3. hobbies and traveling

For me:
. 1 and 2: Dutch, English, German and French
. 3. Unfortunately not in Duolingo: Bulgarian.


I wish you were more specific on what you want to use a language for, or for what area(s) of the world. But let's assume you're in the West and you're asking about most useful for career opportunities. Keep in mind that Westerners speaking rarer or more exotic languages to them are valuable in some business areas.

Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, German, Vietnamese, Russian, Hindi, Mandarin, and Indonesian, though the last three are not complete yet. Arabic is a good one too, but not on Duolingo for English speakers.


English, Spanish, French, and German in the West and Mandarin, Russian, Arabic and Hindi in the East


A very good selection of languages. I like it!


I like your list applied to the life itself, but remember the question was oriented to "learn in duolingo" . Do you ratify your list?

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I think, if you want to cover most countries/ most people you can talk to:

English, Spanish, French, German, Russian +Chinese coming soon


I think Chinese since I heard that the most people speak Chinese.


I like the idea of languages being fun, and while I think Duolingo does have a game like vibe to it, the languages that have a higher usefulness in terms of fun don't totally come from sitting on a computer, but from using them. Given that, I like Spanish.


Depending on where you live and what you wanna do when you grow up. For me it’s french because I’m doing French 2 honors this year so it’s extra practice.

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