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Multiple Particles on Words


Came across a sentence today that stumped me a bit: 남자가 여자와 같이 웃습니다.

Is the inclusion of the subject particle the reason for the connecting particle being attached to 'woman' and not 'man'? Because in this wording, it seems more like the man is laughing with the woman, not "the man and woman laugh together". Can subject and connecting particles be used together? Or only 들 and 이/가?

October 27, 2017



the man is laughing with the woman :남자가 여자와 같이 웃습니다. -------------------------------------- the man and woman laugh together : 남자와 여자가 같이 웃습니다.

You look correctly!


Okay, good to know! I believe I reported the sentence for being inaccurate, but if I come across it again I'll report again to be sure!

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