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  5. Is lingots useless?


Is lingots useless?

I know, lingots you can spend in the store but I do not know if the items in the store are even necessary. What do you guys think.

October 27, 2017



They get to be pretty useless once you have upwards of 1500 of them like I do, with nothing to do with them.


I give them away rather freely to comments that I think have value.


if you get 2500 of them you can trade them in for one dollar of course there is'nt that many people who get that many but if you do you can always do that with them .


You can earn that many lingots fairly easily if you maintain your streak. I am at 6795 lingots and suspect that a fair number of other long-time users have more than I do.

Once you have bought timed practice and any bonus courses available in your target language, they are mostly good for buying the occasional streak freeze. You can also give them to people, if you are so inclined. I have never heard that they can be exchanged for any amount of real money.


They pay you a dollar? Or apply it to... what?


you could spend them on the store on random things


It should be “are lingots useless”.


Lingots are good for satisfying your need to hoard.


yes, they basically are for now

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