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A suggestion for Lingot Store

I LOVE Duolingo, but I'd like to make a suggestion. Can we have more and varied things in the Lingot store? Perhaps another practice set like "Flirting". Perhaps we could have "Dining" or "Driving" or "Going on Vacation" or "Meeting new friends"?

October 27, 2017



I think there's also a Christmas skill. Nevertheless, I agree.


Lemniscatarum, can you only do languages with red, white, and blue flags? ;)


It's kind of a coincidence they're the only languages I'm learning. Dutch - I want to learn because my some of my family is Dutch, French - I'm learning it at school, Czech - it's similar to Serbian, a Slavic language I'm trying to learn, and English - reverse tree. I might do a language without red, white, and blue next time lol.


I didn't even notice that!


dat is cool my dude


that would be nice .


On my computer, it is not called "Lingot Store" anymore, but "Shop".


I up-voted.



I agree with your idea, the lingot store would be a lot better with more lessons that we could do.


in french we have flurting plus i think thats a good idea


Yeah, it would be neat to add some more features


Yes, I totally agree. They have Flirting and Idioms+Proverbs right now.


I completely agree. I currently have no incentives at all to earn Lingots or Gems (iOS). I've got 208 Lingots and 1947 Gems.


Or asking for directions, ordering from a menu, buying items in a boutique. Things that some of us really do when we go to France instead of, Are you a model? Seriously, even the lamest guy wouldn't say that anymore. I have 253 lingots, and a zillion Gems, and like ThomasBur, no incentive to add more because what am I going to buy.


Yes! There are people out there with more than 2000 lingots. (Not me, of course. I wish!) Once you buy everything lingots become almost useless. That is a great idea you have there sir.


I would also love to see more fun options like the ones mentioned above. It would be great if they were phrases that could be used day to day.


There have been a lot of requests similar to yours - but Duo does not seem to do much about it :(


Amazing discussion topic!


Since I don't know where else to leave a comment, I am doing it here . . . even though it has nothing to do with the lingot store. I just want to say "thanks" for getting rid of the annoying "screaming" noises that accompany correct or incorrect responses! They even bothered my dog in the other room!!

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