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Is the "hearts system" being phased in on the website? [Solved: No.]

This a.m. it seems that one of my courses has the "hearts system" available for new lessons and the older "non-hearts" system for completed lessons. This may have been so for some weeks but I did not notice. Looking around at other courses, there seem to be two other variants. Altogether:

  • a current incomplete course (English for Spanish speakers), in which completed lessons function in the non-hearts way but new lessons have the hearts;
  • an older incomplete course (Russian for English speakers), which looks to be only non-hearts functioning;
  • a completely new course (Swedish for English speakers), which also looks to be only non-hearts functioning.

To use the "hearts" system again, I'd have to completely revamp my method for using Duo, which would not be fun, and I sure hope it's not the wave of the future! Has anyone else noticed something like this?

It's my bad, thank goodness. I was being invited to test out (exonerarse rather than reforzar) the newer lessons, which I did not notice, and testing out must use the old hearts system and present a slightly different screen format, which is what I noticed.

Hooray! for (pretty much) "heartless" Duo! :) My apologies to anyone I alarmed.

October 27, 2017



I haven't, but if it did, I'd quit Duolingo all together. I hated the hearts when I used to learn Spanish here.


Fortunately it's okay, and just my mistake--see my addendum to the OP.

Yes, I was thinking the same thing ("I'd quit Duoingo altogether . . . "). I did the French tree (first one for me) w/ the heart system. It didn't bother me too much then, but the way it works now is so much better. Duo the old way would take a huge readjustment.


I hope not. I really don't like that on the App. I would be very bugged because I don't find it helpful for learning.


Agreed. But it's just my mistake. (Phew!) See the original post, which I've updated.


I thought they stopped the A/B testing.


I hadn't heard that, but it would be nice if they have. This was just my mistake. See what I added to my post.


I have not seen health on the website. Maybe since I was one of the lucky few who never got health in the first place...?


No, they haven't added it at all (to the web).


It was my mistake, only. See the addition to my orig. post. It's funny. I didn't mind the stars too much when that was all that was on the website. But when they seemed to have returned, I sure didn't want to go back to them. What Duo does now is so much more effective.


No, but that sounds really annoying!


It was. But it was just a goof on my part. I amended the original post w/ an explanation.

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