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I would like to know if anyone else has problems with German test. For about a month now I am unable to use it (actually don't want to!!!), because I always get exercises from Basic eventhough a already passed lessons of Perfect 1. Also the same questions repeat 3 or more times. I really don't think I need any more lessons on die Frau, die Milch! Please help. Thank you!

October 27, 2017


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Duolingo is going through tons of changes (supposedly to improve the page), it's been happening for half a year or maybe even longer. No way to contact other users, no progress tests (they have been gone for months), currently I don't even get a notification when someone answers my comment. There are many things that are not working the way they used to. We can only speculate if the functionality of most / all things will return. There is nothing you can do about it, but wait and see.

As for repetition, it's probably because you were gone for a while and your tree is not golden, it should get more reasonable when you do more exercises. Or maybe if it's bugging you too much, then don't use the "general" exercise button but go to a specific skill you want to strenghten and practice it instead.


"Progress quiz": https://www.google.de/search?q=duo.old_web_url_whitelist%3D%5B%22%5E.%2B%22%5D%3Bie=utf-8

Limit the phrase drill to 3-5 repetitions: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24945077

You shall NOT use the global "Strengthen skills" button: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6176795/Best-Way-to-Make-Your-Tree-Turn-Gold-and-Stay-Gold

The global button just selects the first non-golden skill in your tree from top to down.
This is IMHO a very weird implemention algorithm, when your skills are not all golden.

Have you tried the user script "DuoLingo skill strength viewer", where you can manually select a single skill from your tree with low percentages 50%?

I deeply miss an IGNORE button per word like Memrise supports it level-wise.

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