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Repetitiveness while using the Strengthen Skills feature in Dutch

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I finished the Dutch tree a while ago and have been practicing using the Strengthen Skills button and noticed that only a few groups of the sections are repeated ad nauseam. I've also been doing this in three other courses and none of them do this. Is there a way for the Dutch from English course to use more of the sections for the practice?


9 months ago


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You should be able to click on any skill and strengthen it individually, rather than a general skill strengthening which is what you do when use the Strengthen Skills button.

9 months ago

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I think the general 'strengthen' button is particularly bad as it will always select the un-maxed skill that's 'lowest' in the tree instead of the one that has, for example, decayed the furthest. Which results in you repeating the same 'early' skills most of the time.

So I always end up using the individual strengthing like you.

9 months ago