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  5. "They are my brothers' wives."

"They are my brothers' wives."

Translation:Jsou to ženy mých bratrů.

October 27, 2017



hello, I wrote "to jsou manzelky mych bratru" and I think it should be correct too :)


"To jsou manželky mých bratrů." is now accepted (perhaps has been added after your report).


Why not ona jsou zeny mych bratru? The group would be all female.


"ONY jsou ženy mých bratrů" is accepted. You need ony if the group is all female. Ona is feminine singular and neuter plural.


Thanks for the reply! Yep, I remembered later that ona is both feminine singular and neuter plural. I'm still struggling to get it all straight---all those possessives and articles and when to use what. I don't like that they've cut back so drastically on the number of lessons to go through for each level. I'll just become less dependent on Duo at least. I've been taking notes on index cards, and writing down the exercises; I'll just spend more time studying them. It was really nice, doing the exercises on Duo, though. I'd stop each topic after finishing level 4, saving level 5 for future review.


I mainly use the Duo web version on my laptop, but lately I've also been using the Android app on my phone sometimes. My impression is that there are fewer exercises offered per lesson on the app than on the web version. That may just be my imagination, but I think it's at least possible that the Duo Powers That Be may have decided that anyone using an app has a shorter attention span than someone using the web version . :-)


I use the web version exclusively because I have questions about usage and these discussions are invaluable---I check them quite frequently and most always find that somebody else has asked the question before, and received a good answer. But a few days ago, the 'powers that be' cut waaaay down on the number of "rounds" needed to go through in order to get each crown. It's understandable that many peeps might think the previous number was excessive; however, I think the said powers went way too far in the other direction. I find Czech to be quite a challenge and have been extremely pleased with Duo. Duo is the only thing I have found that gets me off the ground with it. ---- I just took a look at my tree; at level 5, Questions had 20 rounds, Plural, 35; Food, 40; Animals, 45. After the change, Prepositions has 4; Thou, 2; questions, 2; Possessives, 8; Colors, 3; Present, 7. The higher numbers I am giving are from skills I've completed. The Lower numbers are from skills in which I'm working on level 5. Like I said; I write down the questions so I have a record of them all and can review at will. But it's so much more effective to do them on the computer, typing them out yourself. I had already planned to start writing out my own sentences; this will give me some motivation to get my rear in gear on it! That, plus doing reviews, should be a good way to compensate. I like getting experience, though---it's a nice motivator, but exp for review is quite limited (I understand why). Sorry for such a long-winded reply! :)


We should wrap this up, because we're way off-topic for a sentence forum. But you might consider posting your observations to the general English forum (especially if you're experiencing this with your other course, too), or the general Czech-from-English forum.

The second version of the Czech course is under development, and Duo likes to do a lot of testing, so... who knows what Pittsburgh might be up to? :-) Meanwhile, thanks for letting us know that you're enjoying the course!


is the "to" required here? wouldn't "Jsou ženy mých bratrů" be fine?


"Jsou ženy mých bratrů" accepted.

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