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schmerzen vs. wehtun what is the difference?

Mein Hals schmerzt. Schmerzt deinen Halz?

Mein Hals tut mir weh. Was tut dir weh?

Are these correct? Can I use the both verbs for these sentences or not?

ich bin physiotherapeutin von Beruf. Diese verben sind für mich sehr wichtig zu lernen. Könnt ihr mir bitte helfen? Danke! :D

Please correct me if I am wrong! thank you :D

October 27, 2017



Hi Despina,

der Schmerz/schmerzen is more used in formal speech. wehtun is more collquial. in formal sentences we use more often Schmerz to build a sentence. 'Wo haben/spüren Sie die Schmerzen? Wie oft haben Sie schmerzen' Like Cythra wrote wehtun is more for children or colloquial 'Wo tut's denn weh? Hast Du Dir wehgetan?'

Please have a look on leo.org. That maybe helps you to understand the using of these words.




Please notice below the translation lists are forum discussions. Please have also a look at them. I think to read them can help you a lot.

best regards Angel

ps. If you still have questions don't hesitate to write


thank you very much :D


Hi despina

The second one is: Schmerzt dein Hals? The others are ok, but they are informal - you'd probably ask your clients Schmerzt Ihr Hals? / Wo tut es Ihnen weh?

I would use weh tun more for kids and schmerzen more for adults, but they are almost interchangeable.


thanky you very much :D

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