"Я не знаю як відповісти."

Translation:I do not know how to respond.

October 27, 2017

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Etymologically, is "відповісти" formed by combining "від" + "по" + "вісти" ("from" + "by" + "to tell")?


Вісти is not a word in standard modern Ukrainian, as far as I know. Відповісти is probably modelled after a similar Polish word odpowiedzieć and wiedzieć means to know. There is a Ukrainian word відати which came from the same source but nowadays it's considered to be dated/poetic, just like in Russian. Both languages use another word for to know (знати and знать respectively). Hope it helps!


"від" serves as a prefix =back (adverb) similar to "re" in "return", "retort", "reply", "recall", or to the Polish "od" as posted above by Bright_Flash.

"відповісти" = to talk back => to reply. ("повісти" is not itself a word in modern Ukrainian but there are words like "оповідання = story/narration" and "повідомити = to inform".)

"від", as its own word, means "from"


What's the more common pronunciation: відповІсти or відповістИ?


Accent goes on the " - вІс -", the 2nd to last syllable,

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