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Fresh new start on Duolingo

So it’s been a while since I’ve done Duolingo. (Last time was in May back when I was in french 1B) It’s been 5 months now I’m a freshman and am currently taking Français 2 advancé (French 2 Honors) have a B1 proficiency level in speaking listening and reading. I also have had a passion for french since 7th grade.I will try my absolute best to maintain a streak but because of higher level french outside of Duolingo and sports I don’t know... but I really want to become as fluent as a native in French

October 27, 2017



Hi! As a fellow freshman girl, let me give you some advice.

I do a ton of extracurricular activities, including sports and a ton of clubs, so I understand that it can be really hard to find time each day to keep your streak. What I recommend is setting a very specific time every day to practice. For example, I usually go on Duolingo right after I finish my homework after getting back from practice. Once you get into a regular routine, it's easier and easier to remember. Also, it might help if you set a reminder notification on your phone (if you have one).


Merci beaucoup:) I will do the samr as well thanks for your advice ^_^


I am trying to learn french to!


Bonne chance j’espère que vous aimez le français. C’est très joli


It's wonderful that you have returned! Now that you are more proficient in the language, things nay be easier for you.

To be as fluent as a native French speaker does take much work, but I'm not saying it's impossible. A more reasonable way to look at it is to try to obtain a "fluency", however, you define it, that will satisfy your desires. Like, are you planning on living in France? Are you wanting to have a job that involves heavily with the French language? You already seem to have a passion, so I won't tell you to learn how to love the language. If you don't plan on having any French related jobs or don't plan on living in France, or other French speaking country, then perhaps trying to obtain such a fluency as you stated is too huge of a goal?

Regardless, you just do what you really desire! I'm only giving out thoughts. Good luck in your learning!


I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up yet but I do want to at least minor in french I want to take a semester of college in Paris and really want to move there eventually.


Oh, then I suppose your goal does match up to what your future plans are! Well, I wish you the best on that. Bonne chance!


I have been doing french for 3 1/2 years now

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