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Question for Korean alpha testers.

If you did use your real account when using Testflight, did it keep your progress you done when testing when it came out on the real app? Or did you lose all the progress on Japanese you done when testing.

October 27, 2017



I neglected to read these instructions properly in my excitement to try out the Japanese course, and it made no difference whatsoever to progress or XP. The advice is probably there to cover Duolingo in the unlikely event of fault in the testing apps (which perhaps undergo less rigorous testing than publicly-released updates).


Hi. I used my real account, but as instructed in the invitation mail, I first signed out from the account, downloaded duolingo from TestFlight, then singed in to it. That should preserve any progress made on other courses. The progress I made in Korean during testing (my current level in Korean) remained after I signed out, deleted the test app, and signed back in to normal duolingo app.


Thanks, really worried as I do not want to use my progress on other languages too!

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